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Best Office Movers in Dubai,Sharjah UAE

Relocation is a miracle we perform each day.

When we move office for you, everything is as it was, just the location changes.

At Reef Movers, we proud to be recognized as one of the most professional and reliable office movers in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE. Whether it is moving a small office or an entire division, the process of office moving is difficult, time consuming and stressful. With Reef-Movers the same process can become quick, easy and, of course, stress-free. We ensure that your office moving is on time, smooth and stress-free, while you concentrate on your core business.

Reef-Movers understands the diverse needs of a small office and big organizations. Providing speedy, customized and hassle-free movement, we can ensure smooth office moving.

Built on years of experience and a sharp understanding of the business of movement, Reef Movers is known to provide high-quality moving services to both private and public enterprises.

To relieve you of all your office relocation woes, a project coordinator is appointed to take care of the entire process while you concentrate on your core business. From packing the goods and loading them in the truck to unloading, transporting and unpacking them at the respective destination, he will oversee the entire process with a watchful eye.

Our unique insight into the rapidly changing industry norms enables us to offer a fast and efficient way to relocate your office. At Reef Movers we strive to provide our clients with a complete service from the point of origin to the final destination. We take every measure to ensure that your office relocation is on time, smooth and stress-free.

Best Office Moving Services in Dubai, Sharjah & UAE

office movers in dubai

we offer a wide range of services within the remit of office moves, commercial relocation and office move related services in dubai, sharjah and also other emirates. As part of our office moves service, we can help plan the move, taking a holistic look at the project and managing change throughout your office relocation programme, whether it is an internal relocation requiring more general porterage services or a full-scale move to a different location. This range of services includes IT and sever relocation, as well as carrying out file mapping and packing to ensure everything remains in its rightful place. If any clearance is required, we make sure to do this in an environmentally friendly way.

Commercial/office relocation may include a plethora of activities, such as safe and vault removals, library and archive relocation, museum removals and plant/machinery removals, all of which we are vastly experienced in . We also extend our services to many other types of buildings and organisations outside the typical office move arena, including educational institutions, archives, hospitals, laboratories, gyms and more.

Other office services include those as far ranging as records storage, crate hire, confidential shredding, and secure storage. When it comes to office furniture, we can help with the installation and fitting, as well as recycling. Additionally, we can offer reconfiguration if applicable and general repairs.

Our Office/Corporate relocation services

Office relocation can often be a time-consuming and exhausting job. As specialist office movers based in Dubai, we focus on helping our clients with a hassle-free service delivered at cost-effective prices. Listed are some of the major offerings under our office moving services in Dubai:

  • Audit of files
  • Documentation Management
  • Packing and removal of all equipment including IT and AV using specialist equipments
  • Handling Server relocations
  • Packing of workstations, storage units, power backup etc
  • Disconnection and reconnection of all voice, video and communication channels
  • Fine art packing and moving
  • Disposal of assets and junks
  • Auction of furniture and IT fittings
  • Purging of unnecessary documents and secure disposal
  • Rubbish removal & site cleaning
  • Ability to provide restricted and full cover insurance
  • Inter-emirate moves from/to Dubai
Why Choose Reef Movers For Office Moving

Are you looking for a professional office movers in Dubai? If yes, then Reef Mover is the name you can trust to receive a safe, smooth, secure and cost efficient office moving service in Dubai, Sharjah and also other emirates in UAE. We provide fast, expertly trained packers and movers and saves you valuable time and energy.


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