warehouse relocation services

Warehouse Relocation Services

Reef Movers one of the best warehouse moving companies in Dubai, UAE.If you’re relocating your warehouse facility, consider working with Warehouse1. Warehouse relocation is a gargantuan undertaking; this isn’t your average move. Moving a single-family home across town is one thing, but moving an entire warehouse full of large, expensive, heavy equipment is like trying to move a mountain. That being said, we’re experts in the field. We have been offering a full suite of services to warehouse and material-handling facilities since 2009. We know how to pull off a warehouse relocation without a problem.

Phase 1: Planning Logistics

There are multiple phases to relocating a warehouse. It takes a lot of planning to get the job done right. During the first phase, we work with you to plan the move and outline your objectives. This is where we go over the details, such as when you need to move, whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, your budget, and more.

Once that’s figured out, we begin planning the layout of your new facility. We’re experts at that, too. Our design teams know how to create the perfect layout to make every last bit of space usable. Layout is one of the most important factors in a warehouse. The right layout will improve productivity and safety, optimize efficiency, and save you money. Naturally, we take the layout design phase very seriously.

Phase 2: Palletizing and Staging Inventory

Once we have set the plan for the move, the next phase is to begin palletizing and staging your inventory. The more items in your facility we can get on a pallet and shrink-wrap, the better. It’s easier to move and store items than can be palletized. But if it doesn’t all fit, that’s okay, too. We then begin moving and staging pallets. The goal is to keep pallets organized and out of the way for the next phase. The more we plan phase one, the more efficient stages two and three will be.

Phase 3: Installation

The third phase of the move is the relocation and installation of pallet racking systems. This is where things get tricky. Pallet racking systems are huge and have hundreds of moving parts. An inexperienced or unorganized relocation service would likely fall victim to the confusion of moving such monstrous equipment. Luckily, we’re neither of those. Because we have spent over 15 years planning, designing, and installing warehouse equipment, we know how to keep systems organized and stay on schedule. We’ll move and install pallet racks according to the layout we designed in phase one. It’s likely you’ll find the layout we designed for your new warehouse is exponentially more efficient than your old one.

After the Move: Equipment Buy Back

Our relocation services don’t end there, either. We also offer a buyback and liquidation program. If you’ve downsized your facility or upgraded equipment during the move, we can handle all your old equipment. We have a marketplace of new, used, and reconditioned equipment where we’ll sell anything you don’t need. So if you have usable equipment that doesn’t fit your new location, let us take care of it so you don’t have to waste space and time selling it yourself. If you’d like to learn more about our warehouse relocation services, contact us .


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